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Boom Ceramic Company

Each piece of ceramic is like a canvas and (Rose Ceram Mana) group with a colorful stimulating pallet in hand is creating a mater piece the professional group which has been stablished in (1385) through mixture of art and industry.
Boom Ceramic tries to carry it’s promise which is a various revolution in the designing filed by using the newest international methods, using the best materials and magnificently using knowledgeable domestic and international expert designers. We are replaced gallery exhibition with shop to present goods in a greatest manner.
Boom Ceramic Company
Boom Ceramic Company

Well-known great producers

Boom Ceramic produces are pieces of arts by the great factories like Alvand and Pars and present them in both domestic and international markets. In the expansion of production field in Rose Ceram plays a major factor in producing and delivering the greatest goods. Boom Ceramic is the first and foremost brand in Iran which has had galleries in many branches. These specialized branches are developing overseas.

Export and making money for country

Setting realistic goals plays a role in success of any business.
Our biggest goals that use strive for achievement of them are innovation, great customer services, being in touch with customers constantly and exporting. Rose Ceram Mana not only has many branches in Iran market but also has valid branches in other countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, Oman, Kenya, Vietnam, Russia, Syria, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
Boom Ceramic Company

New Products

  • دکوراتیو
  • کاشی دیوار
  • سرامیک کف
  • سرامیک پرسلان
  • شرکت بوم سرامیک


    Used Tiles

    • بوم سرامیک
    • بوم سرامیک
    • بوم سرامیک
  • شرکت بوم سرامیک

    Wall Tiles

    Used Tiles

    • بوم سرامیک
    • بوم سرامیک
    • بوم سرامیک
  • شرکت بوم سرامیک

    Floor Tiles

    Used Tiles

    • بوم سرامیک
    • بوم سرامیک
    • بوم سرامیک
  • شرکت بوم سرامیک

    Porcelain Tiles

    Used Tiles

    • بوم سرامیک
    • بوم سرامیک
    • بوم سرامیک

Knows more about Boom Ceramic

Management Unit

Mohammad Zamani Mehrabani, Chairman of Boom Ceramic

Mohammad Zamani Mehrabani

Ehsan Shoeibi, CEO of Boom Ceramic

Ehsan Shoeibi


Marketing Unit

Elmira Asadolahi, Digital Marketing Specialist of Boom Ceramic

Elmira Asadolahi

Marketing Manager

International Unit

Dr Mohammad Ahmadpour, International Manager of Boom Ceramic

Dr.Mohammad Ahmadpour

International Manager
Samira Asl, Export Expert of Boom Ceramic

Samira Asl

Export Expert

Sales Unit

Arash Asadi, Sales Suporter of boom ceramic

Arash Asadi

Sales Suporter
Mina Rasoli, Sales Supervisor Of Boom Ceramic

Mina Rasoli

Sales Supervisor
Mahsa Moazen, Sales Expert of Boom Ceramic

Mahsa Moazen

Sales Expert

Research and Development Unit

Maziar Riahi , R & D Manager of boom ceramic

Maziar Riahi

R & D Manager
Saied Sharifi , Designing Supervisor of boom ceramic

Saied Sharifi

Designing Supervisor
Mona Eslami , Designer of boom ceramic

Mona Eslami

Mostafa Hashemi , Designer of boom ceramic

Mostafa Hashemi


Financial Unit

Mahmood Mhebi , Financial Manager of boom ceramic

Mahmood Mhebi

Financial Manager
Samine Mohammadi , Accountant of boom ceramic

Samine Mohammadi

Siavash Zeynali , Accountant of boom ceramic

Siavash Zeynali

Shiva Asgari , Accountant of boom ceramic

Shiva Asgari


Business Co-workers of Boom Ceramic

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  • Apadana Ceram
  • Boustan Tile
  • Ceram Ara
  • Novin Ceram Yazd
  • Pars Tile
Rose Ceram Mana company

Rose Ceram Mana company

Rose Ceram Mana will achieve 20,000,000 Square meters production and Presenting tiles. According to our milestone the number and quantity of factories in Iran and around the world is increasing rapidly.

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No. 97, Mollasadra Street, Vanak Square, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 88616246-50

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