Boom Ceramic company presents all products in various kinds, size of tile ceramic and porcelain in The 24th tiles, ceramics and sanitary ware exhibition
  • Elmira Asadolahi

The 24th Tiles, Ceramics and Sanitary Ware exhibition (cerafair2017)

Like past years, Rose Ceram Mana company presents all Boom Ceramic products in various kinds, sizes and designs of tiles which has produced in reputed factories like Pars tiles and Alvand tiles. And we welcome dear visitors and guests.
All enthusiasts can visit our designs and newest products from June 30 to July 3 in our booth in the 24th tiles, ceramics and sanitary ware expo. 

What is tiles, ceramics and Sanitary Ware expo (CERAFAIR) in Tehran?

Tiles, ceramics and sanitary ware expo or (CERAFAIR), after building industry expo that exhibits all types of building products, is one of 3 top expositions in the field of tiles, ceramics and sanitary ware and since 20 years ago to date, is annually held in June or August, producers and presenters of tiles, ceramics and related products or credible interior and foreign companies like Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, south Korea, China, Czech  will be gathering in this exposition not only to get familiar with other activists in this field but also do trades.

In fact during this expo attending companies will exhibit their newest and up to date products and there may take place some proficiency and scientific workshops with attendance of professors, experts and experienced artisans of Tiles, ceramics and sanitary ware from all over the middle east.

What products and subjects are presented in Tiles, ceramics and sanitary ware (CERAFAIR)?

1. All kinds of tile and ceramic products ( rustic, punch, matt, glossy and 3rd fired )
2. All kinds of machinery and equipment of producing tiles ceramics and sanitary ware
3. All kinds of sanitary ware products
4. All kinds of lavatory products
5. Raw materials of producing tiles ceramics and sanitary ware
6. All kinds of credible journals in the field of tiles, ceramics and sanitary ware

What kind of people would attend the expo?

1. Indoor and foreign producers
2. Sellers distributary and shop owners
3. Mass makers and building constructors
4. Inside design engineers
5. Students of architects, civil engineering etc

Where is the location of Tehran tiles ceramics and porcelain expo?

Location: Tehran International Exhibition Center, chamran highway, Tehran

Also you can use this below map for finding those pavilions which you are looking for.



When hold the tils, ceramic and porcelain expo?

This expo hold on June 30 to July 3 from 10 A.M to 6 P.M.

Date of starting: 2017/30/06

Date of ending: 2017/03/07

How can you find Boom Ceramic pavilions?

Salon: number 8 - 9

pavilion: number 18 - 19

Company name: Boom Ceramic (Rose Ceram Mana CO.) 

How take a pavilion in tile, ceramic and porcelain expo?

Pouya Negar Ceram Parsian (trading company) is the selected company for holding

24th tiles, ceramics and porcelain expo which you can take information in this site:

Telephone: 021-88214264-5
Fax: 021-88214564
Kind of expo: international

Also you can connect us (Boom Ceramic) for more information.




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