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What is Ceramic Tile ?

In fact ceramic is a kind of the tiles that uses for covering walls and floors in same interior spaces. Due to the low absorption of water and moisture, they have high resistance.
The root of the word ceramic has been taken from the Greek word “keramikos” which has been translated into English phrases as pottery.
Raw materials such as clay, kaolinite, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, etcetera mix with water for making ceramic and infuse the resulting dough(biscuit) in molds that are pre-set then put in a dryer to dry the material and form the mold, finally heat in the tile kiln.
Most ceramics also have a glazed coating that can be waterproof, decorative, glossy, colored and so on.
These glazed veneers, depending on their types, may be added to the dried ceramic mold before cooking or added to them after the first stage of baking the biscuits and then once again for heating inside the oven which is referred to as second cooking.
Now a days, a new kind of ceramics is being produced with glazed tiles which due to the variety of colors and designs, those have made a huge share of the market and people satisfaction.

 Where do we use Ceramics ?

When the Ceramics came to the market, they soon became one of the most popular products used to cover the walls and floor in the home. But most homeowners have no accurate information about ceramics and their properties, they don't exactly know that what they have chosen or which part of the building, ceramic could be useful.
Ceramics can be used in different areas (suitable for type of weather), through out the house (parking walls, floor, bathroom, kitchen, etc.)
Most ceramics that designed for home using are coated (second fire or third fire) and nowadays with increasing popularity of glazed veneer ceramics, hundreds of designs have come to the market.

 What are the benefits of using ceramics?

There are many materials in order to covering interior spaces of buildings as tile and ceramic, mosaic, parquet, laminate, PVC covering walls, wallpaper, etc.
But considering technical knowledge, there are 6 important reasons that using ceramics for covering your walls and floor is the best choice:

 1. Ceramics have a long lifetime

Ceramic tiles have a much longer life time than other materials that use for covering floor and wall. When you want to choose a flooring for any space you have, it's important to consider the lifetime of product. Especially when you keep a pet in that environment. Attending to this point is very important.


 2. Ceramic have high resistance and durability

If you have seen shopping malls floors, you will notice in most of these places, ceramics were used as flooring. Because the ceramic compounds are very compact and almost impervious to water. Particularly if you use ceramic with abrasive glaze rustic, you will no slip when you are walking on them.


 3. Ceramics have persistent colors

The color of the flooring can change due to different factors such as chemicals, detergents, sunlight, etc. An other benefit to using the ceramics is that if it is exposed to sunlight, their colors does not change. 

 4. Ceramics are highly sanitary

If you are a person who cares about the hygienic standard for your space, we suggest you choose the ceramics. Because washing ceramics is much more comfortable in comparison to other flooring such as parquet, laminate, carpeting, etc. So you can always keep your space clean. 

 5. Ceramics have high melting temperature

Ceramics have high fusion temperature due to they being baked in tile kiln (They sometimes baked for several times), and also can resist very much in different situations/occasions (e.g fire time) 

 6. Low electrical and thermal conductor

One of the important issue for choosing a suitable flooring is the amount of insulation against heat and cold.
Ceramics are very weak conductor for electricity and heat. And this positive feature shows well itself in the winters.
So they prevent to waste of energy and heat. 


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